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Secure Xen on ARM is an ARM port of the x86 version of Xen-3.0.2-2 plus security features in Xen. It allows the simultaneous execution of multiple operating systems and their legacy application software stacks on a single ARM core-based system-on-chip. Each guest OS instance runs in their own OS partition called "domain" and the OS partitions are securely isolated from each other.

The original Xen solution comes with many user-land utilities. We have ported most core component such as xend, xenstore, xm and xenconsole.

Notes: The current version of Secure Xen on ARM only supports "static partitioning" of system memory, which means that the number of guest domains and the amount of memory allocated to the guest domains is fixed at compile time. You have to configure system memory partitioning properly before building Secure Xen on ARM.
The shadow page table and the writable page table are not included in this release but we are working on them so hopefully they will be enabled in our next release.

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